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Gulfstar Corporation does not operate as an independent energy company. Rather it acquires ownership interests in proven successful companies who have completed their exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas. Further the company acquires mid-stream infrastructure assets as well down stream investment opportunities.

The company’s philosophy is quite simple and easy to understand. In business we only invest or acquire ownership interests in companies that are already successful. The most important ingredients are liquidity and profitability.

Humbly, we as a company realize we are not the geniuses of the world, however we clearly recognize the opportunity we have to invest in them. (Mark F. Butler)

Employing this philosophy allows this company to expand its global footprint and maneuver in and out of markets as situations develop.


Creating a vehicle that provides consistent monthly revenue flow.

Augmented Revenue Flow Programs

Designed to augment a current revenue stream that has deteriorated because of market situation or pricing.

The foundation of Gulfstar Corporation’s capital structure is its creation of the revenue flow model. Employing our investment philosophy the company has been successful in achieving a base revenue flow of monthly income. Income is received on a monthly basis whether the company has any sales or commissions in a particular month. Examples as follows; 2016 received 230 revenue flow payments, 2017 approximately 256 payments and for 2018 the company should receive approximately 300 revenue flow payments.

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Gulfstar Aviation

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Gulfstar Aviation, LLC is an outgrowth of Gulfstream Airlines, Inc. a Connecticut corporation organized in 1977. Services offered are aircraft sales and leasing, aviation consulting and flight instruction. The founder Butler is a FAA certified flight instructor (CFI) and current to date (2018) for 46 years. Are mission interests are more working with professional flight departments for initial and recurrent training programs currency and standardization systems. Though Mr. Butler is licensed for private commercial, instrument and multi-engine instruction the bottom line is we work with wealthy individuals who buy expensive aircraft and teach them to fly safely.

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